Welcome to your Homeowners Association. We create fun for the whole family.

  • What’s a Homeowners’ Association (HOA)?

    Many communities have an HOA—an organization that helps neighbours feel a sense of belonging. The HOA is built in the heart of the community to inspire healthy, active lifestyles. Every resident of Chinook Gate, from babies to seniors, can connect to enjoy signature programming and events.

  • What’s the role of an HOA?

    The Chinook Gate HOA was established to enhance the experience within the community.

    From programming and events, to enhanced maintenance, the Chinook Gate HOA provides opportunity for connection and takes pride in the role they play in community and placemaking.

  • Your association, your vision

    The HOA is a catalyst for community engagement. As Chinook Gate grows, our HOA will continue to support the vision and needs of our residents. Every resident is automatically a member of the HOA, and volunteer residents sit on the governing Board of Directors.

Connect with your HOA

We organize events throughout the year where residents can connect. Our newsletter is a great source of information about what’s going on in Chinook Gate.

Meet your HOA

We're all about community spirit

The Chinook Gate Homeowners Association (CGHOA) provides enhanced community landscaping and maintenance. We also plan events that bring residents together.

HOA annual fees

Every home in Chinook Gate pays fees of $150 per year to the Homeowners’ Association. You can find answers to any questions about anything, including the fees, on our community HOA website.

Visit the community HOA website